The property market seems to be viewed as either fast rising – according to press interpretation, or about to crash. It’s only news if it is shooting up or down but rarely is the focus on the plight of any normal person trying to move. As many reading this will know the moment you mention property, whoever you are talking to will have some ongoing property related hassle, or will reminisce about such and will likely tell you all about it!  Living in and particularly moving from property is fraught with potential pitfalls and is well known as one of the top three life stress events.

Given the ever increasing burden of moving costs and the sheer cost of property itself, it would seem sensible to make sure you do it as rarely as you can. The key to finding the right home is not to panic however,  the way most go about moving seems to do just that and in fact only makes the panic worse.

Understandably it’s easy to get the cart before the horse. Many will excitedly start looking about with only a vague idea of what they have to spend. Convention dictates that they’ll find what they want and put in an offer and only then think about selling what they have. The upshot is often that they’ll overpay for what they’re buying and undersell what they have in the panic to match completion dates.

This is not the ideal way to maintain you and your family’s fortunes.

If you are trying to move let’s get things in the right order!

  1. Get some idea of what your property is worth.
  2. Get some idea of your buying budget.
  4. Put your property on the market.
  5. When you have an offer START LOOKING.
  6. If you’re lucky dovetail the two transactions.
  7. If you don’t find what you’re looking for seriously consider selling and moving into a short term rental, this puts you in an ideal position to offer seriously on properties without being in any kind of chain.
  8. If you’ve sold and are in a rental, relax and take your time – you have money in the bank.
  9. You’re now at the front of any agents queue, so strike a good deal.
  10. Complete a [relatively] stress free move!